Tantra Massage

Tantra is a very open, intimate and  loving and bonding massage. Exploring the tantric sensuality requires time to dedicate every move love and caring that is sensual, erotic, healing to transform the urges into realm of bliss and beyond.

The sessions starts with  a  tantric  bath foreplay on the jacuzzi sitted on a shower chair where your body is caressed  and lavished  with a soft soapy hands, massaging your head, temple, neck,shoulder and  further down to your most sensitive areas even your hands, toes and feets will receive attention.  Then a gentle splash of warm water all over your body and after your completely natured and pampered.
Next you can choose a place on a futon mat  on the floor or on the bed the choice is yours. There is less body to body contact on the massage table that’s why  preferably  is best on the mat.

There so much into this massage than the act  of massaging itself. The gentle loving touches, the soothing music,the warm massage oils allover the body, the body to body contact and with the  energy rising in the room and  a mystic passion that emerges are the core factors of this magical moment.

At the end of the pleasuring of this massage, it  will help you to be fully entrusting to open your heart to the beauty of  allowing another person to give  and to  receive love while sharing the experience.The sensual experiences of Tantra massage improves your conscious awareness to your everyday love_making,  improve your self esteem in so many ways especially on how you treat yourself and others, and it will improve your feeling of deserving and  worthiness in your  life. So dont hesitate to make a booking with  us for a experience that is meant for your total pleasure.

This the only massage possible for outside booking which is only possible if you would like to book your massage In your hotel. For not hotel booking, this is only possible for our executive members only.

Contact us for more information on how to become executive member by stating you would like to be a member.

March 2023
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