Relax Massage

This massage is about relaxation, pleasure and receiving it all. It is a full body massage mapping for every corner of your body. It can be your perfect massage for after office hours to unwind, restore and rejuvenate.

During the massage you  lie on a massage table or the bed on a vibrational warm  therapeutic mat, that is meant to help your whole body to relax.
The mat can help to stabilise your nervous system, improve blood circulation, help to restore tissue, joint and muscle pain and overall much more benefits are possible. With this sessions we focu on both bodys well-being and  pleasure.

The warmth from the mat and  from the warm oils in combination with various kinds of massage touches, your senses are awakened, The body start to become more sensitive, stimulated and  ready to shift  the fire energy into arousing experience. It may  surprise you how well your body can responds to the combination of the gentle and energetic touch of this massage.

In general, all our massages are aimed to  awaken all  your senses and this massage is no different,  just there is no rush, just relax and let us pamper you with love. This  is our way of showing how  much we care.

March 2023
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