4 Hands Massage

With this massage, think more fun, playfulness or party mood focused massage,it our most flexible session in term’s of how many soft gentle  oily warm hands you would like to be  loving you 😊

This is  our most entertaining massage,
We just like to make it interesting!
A few options to this session are possible,
It is possible to book the 4hands  session for  yourself, you may  offer a massage to someone else or to any of our colleagues, and if your feeling in the  fun mood yourself,we can perform the session together and  we can mix and match all other types of massage.
And we can fine tune up with  a glass of champagne or a glass of wine on  the jacuzzi  or on the bed.

The world is your oyster when it comes to this massage. Whatever is your desire, we will make it happen.

When booking this massage, we will simply organise  4 hands session, which simply means my colleague and I will  be available for the session, and if you so desires for the more the merrier,  we can easily  organise this at our premises.

Pleas Note: the prices for this massage will be €250 per person per hour. But not limited to an hour .

Contact us for more details and we look forward to seeing you

March 2023
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Fine tune up the experience with a glass or bottle of wine or champagne.

We carry a wide range of drinks. Perfect music for the perfect mood.

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