Participations in or sumptuous massage is a  very powerful experience, we aim to welcome you to a super charged  body full of pleasures, Calm state of mind and Balanced energy body.

Sexual energy is the highest form of energy there is, it’s pure, special and very dear to hearts, it holds very powerful mysteries that I think we should learn how to use correctly for the benefit of our wellbeing .

Channelling or directing of  this orgasmic energy the right way  is our main focus when performing any of our sessions. It requires a certain kind of self awareness,  to be able to hold and transfer this  creative sexual energy to someone else. It needs tender care, gentle loving, playfulness and understanding of the other person needs, which is exactly what you can expect during our acquaintances.

There are more benefits to this massages besides pleasure, it also has a healing power for your body, it gives a creative energy for our daily life, it gives you mental clarity, elixir to youthfulness and can aid in stress relief, leading your life into a very blissful state.

So please feel free to participate in any of our sessions, and we promise to hold nothing back but offer our best guide through this magical experience together.

Relax Massage

This massage is about relaxation, pleasure and receiving it all. It is a full body massage mapping for every corner of your body.
It can be your perfect massage for after office hours to unwind, restore and rejuvenate.

Tantra Massage

Tantra is a very open, intimate and  loving and bonding massage. Exploring the tantric sensuality requires time to dedicate every move love and caring that is sensual, erotic, healing to transform the urges into realm of bliss and beyond. The sessions starts with  a  tantric  bath foreplay on the jacuzzi sitted on a shower chair where your body […]

Lingam Massage

Is a tease and please touch massage of the most loving, caring and sensual stimulation for the Shaft, which push the limits and boundaries for in search of your ultimate orgasmic experience. Arousing is done  with warm  oily hand massage, with a loving gentle touch on your flesh which is exactly what your  doctor ordered šŸ˜‰ […]

4 Hands Massage

With this massage, think moreĀ fun, playfulness or party mood focused massage,it our most flexible session in term’s of how many soft gentleĀ  oily warm hands you would like to beĀ  loving you