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Consultation/ therapy

Besides being a very passionate sensual feminine and a masseur I am also a life coach, consultant, support therapist/teacher .

I offer sessions through video call, chat with me in person. So if you feel guided book your session. We can talk about anything from sexuality, love, sex energy, any gender femininity and masculinity topics to infertility, self identity, self perception, self esteem, use of Viagra, porn, erectile dissfactions, effects of verceptomy, depths of life, mysterious, mystical, nature, ancient wisdoms etc. I am pretty much educated in many topics.

I’m okay with small talk, but my favorite conversations usually consists of the depths of Life and
Love. I love to work with masculine’s of men because I understand the effect of the weight our society has on their masculinity. I think every man deserves better than the society dictates their role.

So if you feel  like you need  someone to talk to or if you just need a sympathising hand, don’t hesitate to purchase consultation ticket below and I will schedule your appointment immediately on the availability.
I am available only on the specified time on the calendar and you only need your phone for the session.

Consultation/ therapy prices

For 30 minutes session  is 80€
For 1hour session is 150€
Longer time book the 2hr package  for 250€

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I look forward to seeing you soon ❤

Massage booking

Each of our sessions are 1 to 2 hours and it  performed by Me or My colleague depending on the availability. Extension is possible through our booking so please book the intensive massage which is 3 hour or more on our booking. Intensive sessions is advisable if you feel you need some time to take it all in after the session.
If you can’t decide which session you want, no worries, you can just book any of our massage and during the visit we will help you find the perfect massage for you.

Booking outside our venue is only possible for our executive members and  visits in Hotel but only in a 5 Star Hotel because most are spacious and it’s convenient to perform the massage. Contact us  for more information on your Hotel booking, for any questions or if you would like to be a member.

For quick response, send us a message on our WhatsApp and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Massage prices

We offer our prices not according to the type of massage but according to the duration of the session .

Monday and Tuesday
1 hour sessions 150€
2 hour sessions 300€
3 hour intensive session 450€

Thursday and Friday
+2 drinks of your choice.
1 hour sessions 250€
2 hour sessions 500€
3 hour intensive session 750€

Payment is done during the visit to our location and during our visit to your Hotel.
Pay by Cash, Credit card, or Debit card only.
Location details will be sent through an email or by phone. Please fill in your contact details on the booking form.
We like things Discreet so your details are only intended for formalities only.
Choose which way you would like to receive booking confirmation by Message or email. We look forward to seeing you soon. Your confirmation will be sent only through this contact details.

Email address:
Telephone: +31611134175

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Fine tune up the experience with a glass or bottle of wine or champagne.

We carry a wide range of drinks. Perfect music for the perfect mood.

For enquiries and booking, please don’t hesitate to Contact us here.

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Choose which way you would like to receive booking confirmation by Message or email. Fill in the form for a booking or for more information, or send me a message in WhatsApp