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Hello, I am Sally, Ambassador of your relaxation and pleasure. I am a yoga instructor and a life coach by profession. I am born and raised in East Africa and living in the Netherlands. It was during my yoga training when I first discovered Tantra, which simply means the healing power of our sexual energy.

I developed interest in studying our human body in connection to the exchange of energies which one can experience through the magic of touch. While this topic still fascinate me, I am also an empathic person, which means I am a master in body language.

I can naturally get in your shoes to really feel and understand what are your needs at that moment. So my approach to massage is very personal and it will be a very powerful experience that will leave you feeling deeply satisfied.

Besides being a very sensual famine I am also a life coach therapist. I offer life coaching support sessions through video call or by chat, in many topics like stress relief, relationships, gender femininity and  masculinity, used of  Viagra, porn etc I have a very flexible mind and very wise in wind range of topics, For more information on this service please click here

I believe our morden life is too hectic and there is less and less opportunities to find or do more to relax and  to explore our highest creative force which is our( sexual energy)

It doesn’t matter how tensed or stressed you are, step out of your everyday life to book an hour or more with me and let’s recharge your body back fully to your highest sexual energy back to your true self.

So come explore your body with me.
Expect an extraordinary experience for your body.
I look forward to meeting you soon.

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